Why I Need Sod

  1. Grass Cools the Air
  2. Grass Produces Oxygen
  3. Grass Filters Air and Reduces Pollution
  4. Grass Captures and Suppresses Dust
  5. Grass Recharges and Filters Ground Water Supply
  6. Grass Reduces Storm Water Runoff
  7. Grass Controls Erosion
  8. Grass Retains and Sequesters Carbon
  9. Grass Assists Decomposition of Pollutants
  10. Grass Restores Soil Quality
  11. Grass Enhances Community Pride and Social Harmony
  12. Grass Offers a Natural Playing Surface For Recreation
  13. Grass Provides a Safe Surface and Reduces Injuries
  14. Grass Promotes Outdoor Activities and Exercise
  15. Grass Improves Physical and Mental Health
  16. Grass Relieves Stress
  17. Grass Lowers Allergy Related Problems
  18. Grass Dissipates Heat and Cools the Environment
  19. Grass Reduces Glare
  20. Grass Diminishes Noise Pollution
  21. Grass Minimizes Nuisance Pests
  22. Grass Compliments Overall Landscaping
  23. Grass Preserves Natural Wildlife Habitat
  24. Grass Increases Property Values
  25. Grass Reduces Home Cooling Costs
  26. Grass Provides a Low Cost Ground Cover
  27. Grass Serves as a Fire Barrier
  28. Grass Improves Visibility and Deters Crime
  29. Grass Improves Human Productivity

The strategic use of turfgrass is the most sensible and economically feasible approach to countering the greenhouse effect in urban areas.
(Source: The Lawn Institute)