NAT08 Fescue

NAT08 Fescue is very well suited to the climate of southwest Kansas. It is a blend of two varieties of tall turf type fescue (Monet and Davinci) that are noted for a narrow blade (some think it is kentucky bluegrass), dark green color, drought tolerance and excellent disease resistance. The 3 varieties of kentucky bluegrass (Washington, Bordeaux, and Skye) compliment the fescues very well and they provide root structure (to hold the sod together) and give the ability for the grass to self repair small to medium holes in the lawn. The traits of this blend can make a very impressive and durable home lawn or athletic field.

When you put this blend in your landscape, playground or athletic field, not only will you have the greenest grass, but you will be able to keep more green in the bank. The lower water requirements and better utilization of fertilizer, and superior disease resistance will give back the most for every dollar spent and will provide enjoyment for years to come.