When you put this blend in your landscape, playground or athletic field, not only will you have the greenest grass, but you will be able to keep more green in the bank. See more information


This sod is the answer for lower maintained areas and landscapes where water may be limited. See more information


Our Services

Superior Grass Sod

  • Licensed, and approved for distribution in Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas
  • Only Sod Quality grass seed
  • Planted at a higher rate of seed than some of the competitors
  • Planted and cut as the optimum time for a superior sod

Custom Sod Production

This can be a reality for you. We will grow about anything you need for your particular situation. See more information


Just about everything we do at North American Turf is to maintain and grow our good relationships with our customers. We want you to be one of them.


North American Turf

North American Turf is a family owned and operated sod farm located a few miles northwest of Ingalls in Southwest Kansas. We started our business in 1998 with 6 acres of grass, a walk behind sod cutter, a pickup, a trailer and lots of fortitude to carryon. All of the fortitude was needed with the work created with the walk behind sodcutter, and it was decided there had to be something better and more efficient. We became the proud owners of a tractor and sodcutter that took away a lot of the hard labor.

We still use that sodcutter bought in 1999, and we can cut a semi load in less than 2 hours (vs. 10 hours of more with the walk behind). We now have several times more acres in sod and everything is under pivot sprinkler irrigation.